Cross Border Facilitation

nextman has great experience in identifying and attracting great candidates abroad. Through many years of work with global search and many years within international networks of clever headhunters all over the world, we can offer you as our customer great support in order to succeed hiring people from abroad.

We have an international network stronger than the most. We have close relations to many consultants in different international executive search groups.

nextman cross border fascilitation is a very effective way for you to handle an international hiring.

Cross Border Fascilitation means that nextman will help you designing the profile of the candidate needed. We evaluate who is the best consultant within our global network to perform the assignement in the country from which you want to hire the next employee.  We come to an agreement with you regarding what fee of the search you find acceptable. nextman thereafter on your behalf close an agreement with the chosen consultant without any possibility to change the price agreed by you.

Invoicing will take place directly between you and our search colleague abroad.

The full Cross Border Facilitation will be of no cost for you.