Our Services

Search & Selection

nextman delivers state of the art executve search. We are managing every assignment  with the same high quality in all aspects of the proces.
Many years experience within search and many years  experience within people management have brought us to the point where we can say that nextman is among the absolute best executive search partners in the market.

Second Opinion

From time to time we meet customers that want to find a more low cost way through an assignment. They often go through the full process themselves.
These customers we offer to evaluate the final candidates via a second opinion process.

The candidates in this situation will be taken through the full process, we normally offer out candidates identified through a standard search.

Cross Border Facilitation

nextman has great experience in identifying and attracting great candidates abroad. Through many years of work with global search and many years within international networks of clever headhunters all over the world, we can offer you as our customer great support in order to succeed hiring people from abroad.

You just let us handle the negotiation with the search partner abroad. The price you end up paying will not be affected by this.